Our F30 headlight can use for the car which without adaptive function.


BMW Headlight Parts

About US

  • Led Headlight

    We provide all series led headlight bulb, 4 sides led headlight, 360 degreee led headlight ,RGB led headlight and led projector ect

  • OEM Headlight Module and Ballast

    We are factory of OEM Module and OEM Ballast in China with 12 years experience . All for VW, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Porsche

  • HID Xenon Bulb

    We provide all series HID Xenon bulb,single bulb ,Hi/Lo bulb , D series bulb ,5th bulb and 8th bulb etc

  • RGB Series

    We also provide all series RGB series product , Ambient Light,Whip Light , Store Light ,RGB Light Bar and RGB work Light